d24c2a32ea29d1debbd1caa2de0beb14According to magazines, fashion forums and social media groups, there is a strong debate about wearing socks with high-heeled shoes. In my opinion, because I have always had a deep love for socks and an aversion to cold toes (being native to the freezing Winter temperatures of Michigan), wearing socks with high-heels is more a personal decision. I believe that you wear what feels good and looks good to you. Since we do not see socks with high-heels as “common place”, when we do see it on the fashion runways or even in the office it brings up opinion. If the mass of the “herd” or even the media says it is ugly, then it feels scary to announce you like it. 9db918d4271b28e18b1c782ccf0c7be4The way I see it. If it keeps your feet warm, then wear it. If you think it makes you look or feel sexy, wear it! Who cares! It is 2016. Thousands of years of fashion statements, trends and opinion have passed and more will arrive. Just be yourself now and wear whatever style or combinations of clothing you desire to wear. Life is short, so have fun with it. Confidence is sexy.