ountless hours I must spend with various thoughts roiling, masterfully filling each millisecond of time (throughout my days, weeks, months and years) of ideas in sock styles, types of thread, current trends and so desiring to leave my mark in sock fashion before I leave this lifetime. At times I wind myself so tight with scrutiny that I nullify any aspirations and leave myself a disinterested bulk of human pity upon my cozy bed. I always blame my finances when it comes to an excuse of why I have not acheived my goals, in the same way I blame the absence of valuable and adequate time when it comes to my writing. However, there is an underlying vibration of determination that never allows me pause. A heart beating. Thoughts unrelenting. A desire to attain my dreams. And, in this moment, at this point, whatever millisecond that is just, I am always acheiving. Even if just inside my head.