t has been a long bunch of whiles since I have posted anything on this blog. My intentions are to post regularly. The last couple years have been filled with all sorts of changes in my personal life, in my body, in my business constructs, and in the world.
Anywayz… I am planning to post more blog entries, pics and videos. Here are some recent photos of me modeling Maroon Lucky Love (TM) Knee-High Marled Multi-color Boot Socks. An admirer used my Amazon Wish List and sent these to me earlier in the year. I alwayz claim I will model the socks admirers send, but due to the last couple years, the time just wasn’t available. I hope to start modeling them more.
I tried to capture the mood and color of the beginning of Autumn, as Autumn is my favorite season of the year and is often the time when awesome new adventures begin for me. I have lots of opportunity ahead of me and I am so desiring to dip my toes in and get myself ready to dive in all the way.